#5 Alder wood cup


One windy day in August, a 15 meter (49 feet) tall Alder tree that had been growing for many many years on the side of our property, got caught by the wind – snapped at the root, and fell hammering to the ground. The tree lay across the whole lawn. Luckily we were not playing on the lawn with the dog!

So me, and my wife, started to cut up the tree by hand. Using hand saws and axes.

This cup is from that tree.

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Wood type: Alder (Or)
Type: Drinking cup
Quantity: One of a kind
Lenght: 17 cm
Height: 4,5 cm
Contains: ca. 1 dL
Bowl: 8 cm long / 8 cm wide
Tools: knives
Treatment: Libron Finishing oil (food safe chinese tung oil and resin) and burnished with Ash
Price: 350,- kr / 41,- USD + shipping


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